Reduta Theatre Reconstruction

This year the first part of the reconstruction of the Reduta Theatre took place, in which our company participated.

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Who are we?

We are a young, fast-growing innovative company focused

on control systems and production, installation and repair of

electrical machines, devices and equipment. We create functiona

units, which we manage through software developed by us. We rely

on an innovative approach to the solution, on the individuality of the client's needs and ensuring maximum security of the installed systems.


These complete systems have found their use in theaters, multifunctional halls, single-purpose machines and energy.

Our production is focused on custom production according to the individual needs and wishes of the client from the phase of professional advice and solution design through design and production to assembly. The company has been operating on the Czech market since 2012, however, thanks to the successful results of our work, we carry out orders in several European Union countries and Russia.


What we offer you

Automatic parking systems







Industrial building automation




Single-purpose machines







Production of switchboards







Our address

Drivecontrol, s.r.o.

Komenského 427

664 53 Újezd u Brna

Czech republic


IČ: 293 67 531

DIČ: CZ 293 67 531


+420 544 224 394


DriveControl - Duty - Realistic - Innovative - Visionary - Exceptional
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