Reduta Theatre Reconstruction

This year the first part of the reconstruction of the Reduta Theatre took place, in which our company participated.

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Products overview

Drivecontrol, s.r.o.

Control system iTEMS

The control system also belongs to the main parts of the stage processing. Drivecontrol´s „know-how“ is consisted of providing and service of our own software to this electronic devices. All technology in the automation field is provided as a „turnkey project“.


Control system iTEMS (Intelligent Technology Motion System), is built on hardware platform of German company Beckhoff Automation GmbH and uses industrial PLC‘s and servers. Based on clients demands, the variants of small and large control system are available.


The small control systems are rather specified for small theatre stages,studios, etc. The main central station is a control panel, where is specialized HMI software installed. Each of the axial engines is centralized or alternatively decentralized. The each of the axis can be used for upper sphere of the fly-lofts,for e.g curtains, point hoists,batten hoists, side drop maskings.It can be also used for lower sphere. Where are usually placed stage platforms, orchestra platforms,transport platforms.Some types of the device must fulfil the requirements for synchronic movement of each axis. In such case the device is programmed for „so called“ electric shaft (electric axis). Each axis is defined by safety components which are always used for lower and upper sphere. For each device is created risk analysis. The device is afterwards put in the final touches with HW components, that are included into safety chain.


The big control systems is the methodology very similar to the small control sytem. The main difference is in the data output and also in the position of the control part of the whole system. Regarding to the fact that it is not possible to install such big server system to the control panel there is a solution with transfer of this own device via data rack 19‘. Then control panel is in this way only HMI with data flow between control server.


HMI software is always adjusted according to customer wish, operation requirements and considering the project as a whole. We actually develop our own safety software for loading technology which meets necessary requirements for norm ČSN EN 61508-1 to 7 Functional safety of electric (electronic) programable systems related to safety for level integrity SIL3. There is a permanent supervision of certificate authority above this system considering continual technical progress, we add new safety functions according to valid lawmaking in EU and requirements our own internal safety system analysis. Our customer is made sure that he is provided by the latest version of the system with its safety requirements.


Retrofit electro-pneumatic double miter saw

The control system of Drivecontrol company for profiles cutting machine allows for profiles cutting cycle in default automatic mode or in manual mode. It also allows you precise diagnostics of the equipment operation. Some od benefits of the equipment modernization are

  • high effciency
  • time and money saving
  • operational safety
  • minimization of waste material amount
  • easy diagnostic and control of efective usage of the machine
  • etc.


If you want more information, you can download our product list here.


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